Bavarian Officer Sword with Scabbard M1855


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Bavarian Officer Sword with Scabbard M1855

Bavarian Officer Sword M1855 with steelscabbard and clothcase

Art. No.: M1855


Forged stainless steel, hardened and tempered to a hardness of 48-55° HRC Rockwell ca., hand-polished. Each side bears a blood-groove.

Dimensions: ca. 810 x 22 x 5.5 mm, slightly curved

Acid Etching

Historical original and handmade etching of Bavarian Motto „ In Treue Fest“ and Ornaments / Crown. "so deep you can feel it with your fingernail.“

On both sides of the blade.


Hand-Guard Set:

Solid brass guard, consisting of top nut, grip back, ring and guard. Manually set and polished.


Strong and solid ABS handle with sharkskin imitation surface, 3 double-twisted brass wires in golden colour wrapped around the handle grooves.


Handmade scabbard made of a stainless steel seemless tube, bent and  polished, fitted with 2 carrying rings made of stainless steel. Interior with 2 slats for protection of the blade. Total length ca. 850 mm.

Finish: Nickelplated.

Additional Accessories: Protective clothbag with drawstring

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