WKC 50 years anniversary sword set

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WKC 50 years anniversary sword set

Fiftieth anniversary of the restart of the production of swords by WKC after WWII.

The prehistory of the company Weyersberg, Kirschbaum and Cie in Solingen started in the Middle Ages, as one of the first trade marks of its type for the sabres and swords.

In 1560, the '' king's head'' mark of blacksmith Johannes Wundes was recorded first.

This trade mark was taken over later on by the Weyersberg family. With the Kirschbaum's family trade mark, the knight helmet (1854), these two symbols became universally known in 1883 by the union of two companies Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie.

In 1900, being the largest company of Solingen, WKC produced ceremonial swords for export and national markets, but also bayonets, bicycles and parts of motor cycles.

The production was stopped after the bombardment of Solingen, on Nov. 4th and 5th 1944.

November 17th, 1955, the Solingen-born producer of knives Mr. Hans Kolping with his partner Ms. Margard Willms started again the production after having bought the company building at Wittkullerstrasse 140-144, where WKC is still located today.

Mr. Kolping invested in the refurbishment of the historical blade roll-forge and established an etching and plating deparment.

In March 1956, the first sabers left the company compound.

Over the next few years many overseas sword contracts were signed and WKC´s sword production increased again to 5000 swords annually in the late 50´s to ca. 25000 pcs. in 2015.

This beautiful anniversary sword sets reminds us of the devoted entrepreneurs Ms. Margard Willms and Mr. Hans Kolping who dedicated their entire lives to keeping WKC in business and supplyng the world with beautiful artifacts.

Product description:

  • Limited Edition, worldwide to only 100 pieces.
  • Damascus st
  • Patented Model.
  • eel blade, hand-forged, well tempered, hand polished, approximately 81 cm long.
  • Traditionally acid etched..The high-relief ornaments and texts are 24 carats goldplated in contrast to the damascus steel background.
  • Numbering of the blade from 1 to 100.
  • 24-carat goldplated Lion head guard bearing a silverplated WKC helmet.
  • Scabbard with 3 ornamented fittings and 2 carrying rings, 24 carat goldplated.
  • Golden sword knot embroidered with WKC knights helmet, Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie. stichted onto the golden lace.
  • Luxury Box made of oak wood with glass lid.

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