Folded Steel Katana Muromachi

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Folded Steel Katana Muromachi

Wonderful folded steel, hand-forged KATANA : The Muromachi is an historical design from the Edo Period. Very elegant appearance.

Suitable for Tameshigiri.

Sugata (Blade style): Hand-forged curved blade with 2 Bohi (grooves) and Chu-Kissaki (tip). Folded steel (C45 & C55Si7- USA: Steel 1095). 13 times folded to achieve ca. 8192 layers.

Traditional clay-wrapping technique for differential hardening. There are beautiful hada (grain in steel, pattern of folding the steel) in the blade.

The hardness of its Mune is ca 43° and the Ha (blade edge) is ca 60° HRC Rockwell.

The blade spine is iori-mune, the edge is without Niku. (The blade has got a flat and cutting sharp edge).
Blade length (from habaki): ca 71 cm/ 28 inches.

Sori (curvature): 1,52 cm / 0,6 inch.

Tsuka: Red Ito on white real sting-ray skin

Delivered with protective cloth bag and black saya.

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