Tamahagane Katana


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Tamahagane Katana

WKC very popular Tamahagane Katana, based on the forging technique of Makuri. The blade is made up of a soft steel inside (shingane) coated with a hard steel (kawagane) with higher percentage of carbon. The material is called tama-hagane, suitable for Tameshigiri.

  • Cliquez pour une photo détailléeTamahagane Bohi:
    • Sugata (Blade style): Hand-forged curved blade with Bohi (groove) with Chu-Kissaki (tip). The blade spine is iori-mune. The blade is forged from 2 sorts of steel, the softer low carbon steel is embedded into the harder Tamahagane steel. This forging art comes from the Japanese model Makuri which was taught in Japan since centuries but only to the best smith. The two steels are forged up to 32768 layers and thanks to the traditional clay-wrapping technique for differential hardening, you can see the martensite crystals and the Hamonline. This is made visible with our carbon steel blade only by manual polishing. The hardness of the Mune is ca 48° HRC and the Ha (blade edge) is ca 61° HRC.

    • The blade can also be delivered in gun-blue colour.

    • Blade length (from habaki): ca 71 cm/ 28 inches.

    • Sori (curvature): 1,52 cm / 0,6 inch.

    • Tsuka: Black/white
    • Tsuba: Tamahagane Design
    • Delivered with protective cloth bag.