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Solingen, August 2023

W.K.C.’s philosophy cannot be summarized in a few words – it is a completely cross-generation process.

Since its beginning and over the centuries, people at W.K.C. have been concentrating on one goal: Very good quality at affordable prices with sustainable customer service.

But is this simple principle still relevant today in modern and fast-paced times where tomorrow there is nothing like yesterday?

Are our handcrafted and durable edged weapons still in demand in a global society that is used to disposable items?

The answer is more than ever: YES

In times of the fastest changes, good and durable products are socially very important.

They provide security, stability and satisfaction for many years or even a lifetime - quite contrary to my Smartphone, which already has had to be replaced twice in ten months.

W.K.C. products, however, are worn with pride over the years and still inherited from father to son.

Many of our swords actually can be found again in museums and collections around the world.

Just today, W.K.C. made a sword that will lead to intensive research by historians in 50 years.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find durable and good products as well as to maintain their traditional production.

That is why we expanded our corporate philosophy a few years ago: Essentially, we strive to maintain traditions - through a very good quality product at affordable prices with sustainable customer service and that together with our customers, employees and suppliers.

We must always work toward this goal together. We can be successful in the long term only when we all have the same objective.

In addition, preserving traditions happens simultaneously in different places. First of all, our customers - who have opted for a quality product - can enrich and permanently preserve their uniforms, ceremonies and parades, i.e. traditions, with our handcrafted bladed weapons.

Then at W.K.C., where individual production can only be pursued and obtained when the clientele is willing to purchase such goods.

And last but not least with our suppliers, who also must continue craftsmanship production in order to enable the high-quality end product.

This in turn works only when customers, employees and suppliers are integrated equally in the process and define, communicate and internalize the same objectives.

In summary:
With W.K.C. and our products it is a matter of:

  • Preserving traditions at all levels
  • Producing and distributing durable as well as beautiful products
  • Preserving jobs at customers, at W.K.C. and also at suppliers

If you as a supplier, employee or customer can identify yourself with this philosophy, then you are right with us and experience the greatest willingness to cooperate.


André Willms
Owner and employee at W.K.C. Since 1995


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