Ceremonial swords for Norway



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The Lodge Sword for Lodge Associations, manufactured by WKC Solingen, is an exclusive and iconic sword specially designed for members of Lodge Associations. With its high-quality workmanship and its unique design, this lodge sword embodies the values and traditions of the lodge brotherhoods.

Each lodge sword is crafted with great care and precision by the experienced craftsmen at WKC Solingen. The sword is crafted from premium steel and decorated with intricate engravings and symbols representing meaning and belonging to the lodge association.

The lodge sword serves not only as a token of membership, but also as a symbol of honor and commitment to the values of the lodge fraternities. It is an expression of pride and belonging, worn on special occasions and ceremonies.

Invest in the lodge sword from WKC Solingen and show your connection to the lodge association. This exclusive sword is not only an impressive collector's item, but also a symbol of the values and traditions that your brotherhood represents. Order today and enrich your lodge association with this unique and symbolic lodge sword.

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Doctoral Sword with your personal crest engraved on shield

Doctoral Sword with your personal crest engraved on shield

from EUR 378,15

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Specification of the sword and scabbard:

Made in Germany

24 carat gold-plated brass guard with shield. The shield has a space for  custom-engraving which is included in the price.
The picture shows a sample engraving only.

Finish: 24 carat gold-plated.

For the custom-engraving of the crest, we need your crest artwork as a clean and good black and white graphic - not in shades of gray (format pdf, jpeg or bmp). You can upload the crest during the order process using the upload field, pressing the "+" symbol.
The crest will be laser engraved on the goldplated shield.
Or you can send the artwork file to after placing your order.

Black ABS handle with fish skin imitation surface (perls), wrapped with 3 golden brass wires

Forged stainless steel blade, hardened and tempered to approx. 48-53 degrees Rockwell.
Blade length: 76  or 81 cm - thickness ca. 5 mm and width ca. 19 mm.
Optional blade etching with name panel can be added through the dropdown-menu.

Flexible Polyurethane tube covered with genuine cowhide leather, bearing two gold-plated brass fittings with hook for fixing the scabbard to a belt.

Accessories included:
Cloth pouch with drawstring, WKC Certificate of Authenticity

Minimum age: 18 years

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