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Dubai  Police Infantry Officer's Sword (1897 Pattern)

Dubai Police Infantry Officer's Sword (1897 Pattern)

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Dubai  Police Infantry Officer's Sword (1897 Pattern)

Based on British Infantry and Royal Marines Corps - Officers sword (1897 pattern) in accordance with the British MOD specifications for various Military and Police Forces.

Customization is possible.

In November 2005, WKC purchased the majority of the Wilkinson Sword Ltd. production in London. Amongst machines, equipment and parts, we also acquired the tools for the British Infantry and Corps & Royal Marines Officers Sword which Wilkinson delivered exclusively to the MOD and MOI.



Product specification:


  • Pierced guard bearing the Coat of Arms.
  • The grip-backing is made of solid brass and fixed to the blade tongue with a ball screw

Finish: Nickelplated


  • Covered with genuine shark skin, wrapped with 3 silver wires. Alternatively ABS plastic handle with sharkskin imitatation surface (very durable).


Your choice of a forged stainless steel or nickelplated carbon steel blade.

The blade is hardened and tempered to ca. 48-52° HRC Rockwell.

Dimensions of the blade: ca. 825 mm x 6.5 x 25 mm.

The acid etching contains ornaments, Police Crest,and Coat of Arms in the center.

The acid-etch is so deep, that one can feel it with a fingernail.



Your choice of a nickel-plated steel scabbard with 2 rings or leather scabbards in brown or black colour.

  • Nickelplated Scabbard for ceremonial belt with 2 slings: Nato Stock No. : 8465-99-973-6853.
    • Art. No.: F1461-Stahl

Nato Stock No: 8465-99-973-6853

  • Brown Leather Scabbard for Sam Brown belt and frog: Nato Stock No. : 8465-99-127-9993.
    • Art. No. F1460-Naht

Nato Stock No:8465-99-127-9993

  • Black Leather Scabbard for Sam Brown belt and frog: Nato Stock No. : 8465-99-122-1490.
    • Art. No: F1460-Naht-Schwarz

Nato Stock No: 8465-99-122-1490

Included Accessories: Protective cloth bag.


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