Tunisia, Navy Officer Sword

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W.K.C. Solingen (WKC)

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Tunisia Navy official model - developed by WKC for the Ministry of Defense.
  • Outfit: Polished brass outfit, finely chiselled ornamentation with ropes and anchor. Painted several times against oxidation.
  • Blade: Forged from stainless steel. Hardened and tempered to approx. 52° HRC Rockwell. ​​
  • Handle ABS, black, polished.
  • Scabbard: Tubular steel, slightly curved, covered with genuine cowhide, sewn, 2 brass fittings with 2 carrying rings, varnished to prevent oxidation.
  • Length of the saber : approx. 890 mm. Weight with sheath: approx. 1 000 gr

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*** Made in Germany ***

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product description

Tunisia, Navy Officer Sword

This tunisian navy saber is an elegant and traditional sword used in the Navy. The saber has a curved blade made of high-quality stainless steel and is approximately 75 cm long. The blade has a narrow, hollow edge that allows precise and powerful cuts to be made.

The handle of the saber is made of black plastic that provides the user with a secure and comfortable grip. The hilt itself features an ornate pommel, often bearing the Navy's coat of arms or other symbols.

The leather scabbard that protects the saber is covered in black leather and has a smooth and elegant finish. It is decorated with metallic fittings

The corporal saber with leather scabbard is a symbol of authority and pride in the French Navy. It represents naval tradition and heritage and is often worn during ceremonial occasions and parades. With its elegant design and high quality materials, this saber is an impressive and chic piece.

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