Presentation box made of solid oak wood, for blades up to 33 inch / 85 cm

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Engraved Shield



W.K.C. Solingen (WKC)

Product.Nr. 1629

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The presentation box made of oak wood for sabers from WKC Solingen is an elegant and practical accessory for every saber collector and is also an excellent gift for lovers of historical weapons. With it you can present your saber in style and store it safely and attach it to the wall.

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product description

Presentation box made of solid oak wood, for blades up to 33 inch / 85 cm

Made in Germany

For sword  or saber up to 100 cm total length, e.g. for British Infantry swords with scabbard,.


Inner surface lined with black velvet.

With space for an engraved plate, Art. 1629-Schild (optional).

Shield and saber not included in the price.

Internal dimensions: 100 x 24 x 5 cm
External dimensions: 104 x 28 x 6 cm
Distance brackets: 180 mm / 240 mm from the edge
Cut-outs for blade and scabbard approx. 32mm wide.

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