France Epée Commissaire de Police - Commissioner Sword

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W.K.C. Solingen (WKC)

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  • Fittings: solid brass, polished by hand, real silver-plated and clear-lacquered, guard plate decorated with ENSP police coat of arms.
  • Blade: Stainless steel, forged, heard and tempered to approx. 52° Rockwell..
  • Handle: Black wood handle, polished
  • Knob : Polished brass, silver plated and clear lacquered.
  • Scabbard: Leather-lined pipe, black cowhide, silver-plated and clear-lacquered fittings.

*** Made in Germany ***

Sale to adults only

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product description

France Epée Commissaire de Police - Commissioner Sword

The France Epée Commissaire de Police épée is a épée specially developed for police officers in France. It is a variant of the classic épée sword type and is worn by inspectors of the French police.

The sword is about 96 cm long and is made of high-quality steel. It has a straight, double-edged blade about 30 inches (76 cm) long. The blade is narrow and light, allowing precise and quick handling. The tip of the epee is tapered and allows for precise stabs.

The handle of the France Epée Commissaire de Police sword is made of wood and has a special hand guard made of brass. This handguard protects the commissioner's hand from attacks and at the same time serves as protection against a possible slipping of the hand onto the blade.

The sword comes in a special sheath made of leather-covered plastic. This scabbard enables safe transport of the sword. When carrying the sword, the scabbard can easily be attached to the commissar's belt.

The France Epée Commissaire de Police épée is a symbol of authority and protection worn by French police commissioners. It conveys a certain form of respect and recognition for the wearer and is an important utensil in the everyday work of a police officer in France.

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