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Wedding sword / Cake sword

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A special sword for weddings. As a perfect gift and unique object for occasions and celebrations.

Blade: Forged, stainless steel blade. Hardened to approx. 48-52° HRC Rockwell and polished by hand. The etching is so deep you can feel it with your fingernail.

with engraving fields for individual inscription

Fittings: silver-plated brass.
Grip: ivory grip with silver-plated wire.
Age restriction: 18+

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Wedding sword / Cake sword

A wedding sword is a decorative weapon often used in traditional wedding ceremonies. It is a type of sword that has a long and slender blade. The blade is often decorated with elaborate engravings symbolizing the importance of marriage and togetherness.

The epee has an ivory colored handle with silver plated wire to give the epee a luxurious and unique look.

The wedding epee is usually carried by the groom, either in a special epee belt or on a ribbon slung over the shoulder. During the ceremony, the groom can solemnly take out the sword and present it to the bride. This symbolizes his protection and willingness to defend her in their life together.

Often the wedding cake is then cut together with the bride and thus made available to the guests.

Although a wedding sword is primarily symbolic and not intended for actual combat, it is still important to treat it with respect and ensure no one is accidentally injured.


Wedding sword a perfect gift for celebrations









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